Lib Tech NAS

Lib Tech NAS
Carve the mountaintops and slice through hard snow with these twin tips from Lib Technologies. The Lib Technologies NAS, which stands for Narrow Ass Snowboards, offers perfect performance for high speed turns and aerobatic jumps with stability normally reserved for wider models. Magne-Traction edges make sharp turns a breeze while a dual-layer STP outer shell keeps you floating over powder and plowing through crud. Playfully bounce through moguls with the sturdy alpine core; learn to master turns and become a derring-do on the slopes with the ski that makes skiing fun again.

Users say the Lib Tech NAS handles like a snowboard – but with a refined action. They love riding them down groomers and in open bowls. These are the skis for the adrenaline junkie! Featured bomber sidewalls and a sintered base let advanced riders stay on-edge through howling turns while the lightweight-yet-durable construction puts air beneath your skis when daring big jumps. Beginners love the stability while advanced and expert skiers say the NAS makes the slopes scintillating again – it’s one of the best all-around skis! Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes, an expert dare devil or anything in between, you can’t go wrong with the Lib Technologies NAS. The Lib Tech NAS comes in sizes 156, 168, 176 and 183.

Compare Prices on the Lib Tech NAS

Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
Lib Tech NAS Backwards$599.00$418.95
Lib Tech NAS Backwards SkisThe House$599.00$418.95
Lib Tech Tranny NAS SkisThe House$599.00$418.95
Lib Tech Jib Nas Recurve$699.95$454.95
Lib Tech Jib Nas Recurve SkisThe House$699.95$454.95
Lib Tech Wreckreate NAS ReCurve Skis 2014evo$599.95$479.96
Lib Tech Freeride NAS$699.00$488.95
Lib Tech Freeride NAS SkisThe House$699.00$488.95
Lib Tech NAS Backwards ReCurve Skis 2014evo$649.95$519.96
Lib Tech POW NAS ReCurve Skis 2014evo$849.95$679.96


  1. Comment by Bigstick Steve

    If you can find these boards to Demo I will guarantee you will buy them. Advanced skier for 20 years and these skis do everything that you ask of them and beg for more. The Magne trac grabs ice. The width handles soft snow, the rebound is bump perfect but remains stable at high speeds. A little wobbly at extreme speeds but managable.

  2. Comment by scooter

    I”m a skier and and I”m loveing these skis. I am generaly flying down storm peak in steamboatsprings at 50-60 mph.these skis hold an edge like nothing i”v ever skied befor.keep up the good work.

  3. Comment by LeoProv

    Best technology on the market. Sold all my “onventional” skiis and now have LibTch Nas Freeride for everyday in Heavenly CA, and Lib Tech Pow for > 1 foot of the powder. It is a weapon for skilled, but what a trip!!!

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